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Planned projects

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in these projects and can help me with the code or just spreading of the ideas!

Catcast D [temporary name]

Status: in active development

A self-hosted and federated media platform, focused, but not limited to, live streaming.
Core features:

  • Live video streams
  • Video/audio uploading
  • Scheduled broadcasts of uploaded videos
  • Radio (both live (Icecast2) and scheduled playlists)
  • Channel page customization (colors, pictures, etc.)
  • Roles system
  • Chats
  • etc.
Now I'm in active phase of developing the project, mainly refactoring old piles of shitcode from the current, non-open-source version that i developed in 2018-2019, when I was actively studying Laravel.
Unfortunately I don't know when I'll finish the project because of my sporadic style of coding (like, i often take a break for a few weeks, then catch inspiration and do A LOT in a couple of days).

Backend: will be published soon

Project site: (will be available in English soon).

Myownsite [temporary name]

Status: in plans, contact me if you are interested in the project
A missing CMS for a free web.

In the last years I see two big and great areas of activity regarding taking the web back to users: Indieweb and Fediverse.
But the internets are not limited to personal sites and general purpose social networks...
Basically, my idea is a CMS or even a website builder which will simplify creation of sites of any type - the main focus will be thematic communities and fansites, but the modularity will help to build any type of website.
  • Installation and usage will not require any coding skills (yes, i understand that tech-savvy users are teh 3lit3, but it's more important to spread the ideas of the free web as far as possible)
  • Integration with ActivityPub, RSS
  • Using the most possible solutions, no bloat. Support for modularity
  • PHP - so people will be able to launch it on any shared hosting
  • Customization of style (themes) and content (sections, fields, etc.)
  • Roles, moderation