About me ::

About me


I'm Kirill Alexeev-Kotov (known online as mrcatmann), a web developer of Russian origin, and this is my personal website. Here you can see a little about me and everything I do.

I'm into webdev since 2016. Now I reside in Tbilisi, Georgia (country, not state!) and work in GCORE as an Angular frontend developer.

My mission is to make internets fun again - making interesting and helpful projects. I consider that the mainstream web is filled with low quality content, clickbait and shitstorms, and it is incurable - so what I do is aimed at a niche audience - the power lies in small but close-knit communities. I draw inspiration from nostalgia, but try to stay in touch with reality and use modern conveniences.

Some of my things are already released, others are still in plans or stuck in production hell. I usually work on them alone (mainly because of my lack of social skills), but if you want, you can join me.

My work skills

I'm not searching for a full time job now, but can help you with your projects - if they are well-paid and interesting enough :)

My default and favorite stack is Laravel+Vue, but besides it, i worked with:

  • Angular 2+
  • React (+ Native)
  • Svelte
  • Express.JS
  • OctoberCMS
  • MODx
  • Wordpress (a bit)
  • C# (WPF desktop apps development)

In the near future I want to try Go and mobile development in Flutter.

I try to write clean code, but at the same time not overcomplicate it with abstractions, using the simplest possible solutions. For example, this site is written in the simplest PHP and with a minimum of JS.


  • An average terminally online nerd.
  • Born in Siberia (insert generic bears and vodka joke here), but left it for a better place.
  • English is not my native language, and I feel like I sometimes make errors, so feel free to contact and correct me.
  • Was not interested in video games, but the situation got changed in recent years. I like gameplay-oriented series, examples are DOOM, Psychonauts, H-L, Portal, Bayonetta, Nintendo platformers, etc.. Sometimes I play Jackbox with friends (we also translated it into Russian!)
  • Listen to classical 80-s and 90-s electronic, retrowave, sovietwave, chiptune, tracker music, trance, dream house, DnB, breakbeat, and so on, and so on.
  • I prefer Japanese animation to any other, sometimes I even read visual novels. My 3 favorite titles are Steins;Gate, Clannad and TTGL.
  • I spend a significant amount of my spare time finding and digitizing old VHS tapes (probably you won't be interested in it as it's usually forgotten russian TV programs or film dubbings)